New date: January 21-22, 2022

Bethel University | Mishawaka, IN

The ReFuel team has been busy planning, preparing and praying for the 2021 conference. We have also carefully watched the unfolding realties and rising number of COVID-19 cases in the Midwest and the United States. These are such challenging times. We hurt with those who have experienced loss. 

As our leadership team met, we processed various scenarios for this January. Because of the current realities, the new governmental regulations, and our deep desire to be wise, the team unanimously decided to postpone ReFuel one year – to January 21-22, 2022. This was a very difficult decision, but one that we know was the right one to make. 

For those who are currently registered for ReFuel 2021, your registration will automatically be transferred to the 2022 conference. So, you don’t have to do anything! However, if you are unable to attend on that date and would like a refund, you can reach out to us at Refuel@nmc.church and we will gladly process that for you as soon as we are able. 

We recognize that if there ever was a year that we all need something like “ReFuel,” it’s probably this year. With that in mind, our team has decided to create something special – just for you – that will be streamed for FREE on the ReFuel Facebook page and YouTube channel at 11:00 AM (EST) on Saturday, January 16. You won’t want to miss it!

In addition, during the coming months, watch for other resources and devotionals on our social media pages and the new ReFuel Conference YouTube channel. 

One final thought: During these undeniably challenging days, lean hard into God’s Word. 

We pray this verse encourages you today. 

David continued to address Solomon: “Take charge! Take heart! Don’t be anxious or get discouraged. God, my God, is with you in this; he won’t walk off and leave you in the lurch. He’s at your side until every last detail is completed for conducting the worship of God.”  – I Chron. 28:20-21 (MSG).

Thank you for being faithful. 
Thank you for being flexible.
Thank you for finding creative ways to lead your church in worship. 
Thank you for leading with passion and humility.

We are all in this together. We will get through this.

David Cummings & the ReFuel Leadership Team



The goal of ReFuel is to create time and space for teams to be together, be encouraged, and be equipped to continue leading the local church in worship. We desire to see God’s spirit inspire and strengthen the hearts and hands of those who serve the local church through the creative arts.


Fri. Jan 21


Sat. Jan 22

Everest-Rohrer Building
Main Auditorium of the Everest-Rohrer
Main Auditorium of the Everest-Rohrer
Wiekamp Facility Gates Gymnasium (Provided by Chick-fil-A)
Breakout sessions will be announced later
Breakout sessions will be announced later
Main Auditorium of the Everest-Rohrer


Breakout Session 1

Andi Rozier – Songwriting in Worship
Nathan Nockels – Stewarding Your Worship Team Well
Pastor YPJ – Straight from the Heart – fresh bread for today.
Tara Cruz & Lauren Sweeny-Smith – Women Who Lead Worship
Kyle Smith – Keyboards in Worship
Jake France & Robert Titean – Electric Guitars in Worship
Zac Moore & James Herlo – Locking Down the Low End – Drums and Bass Guitars in Worship
Doug Gould – Practical Steps to Better Sound
Rodney Jernas – Live Video Production Basics
Sheri Gould – Your Best Voice for a Lifetime
Derek Kerr& Matt Slack w/Loop Community – Using Tracks in Worship the Easy Way (Level 1 class)

Kent Morris (Sweetwater Sound) – Using Technology to Thrive in the Future

Breakout Session 2

Andi Rozier – Songwriting in Worship
Nathan Nockels – Stewarding Your Worship Team Well
Pastor YPJ – Straight from the Heart – fresh bread for today.
Tara Cruz & Lauren Sweeny-Smith – Women Who Lead Worship
Kyle Smith – Keyboards in Worship
Jake France & Robert Titean – Electric Guitars in Worship
Zac Moore & James Herlo – Locking Down the Low End – Drums and Bass Guitars in Worship
Doug Gould – Crafting a Great Audio Mix for Streaming
Rodney Jernas – Volunteer Leaders in Tech World
Sheri Gould – The Ultimate Vocalist
Derek Kerr& Matt Slack w/Loop Community – Taking Tracks to the Next Level (Level 2 class)

Kent Morris with Jeff Barnett (Sweetwater Sound) – How to Maximize Live Streaming for Worship

Additional breakout sessions may be announced and all are subject to change.



Vertical Worship

We have been born into the middle of the story. We know the beginning, and we have read the histories of those who have gone before us. We have seen God’s plan play out and the redemption brought to us through Jesus Christ. And like those who read ahead, skipping to the last chapter, we know how all of this will end. Christ defeated death and promised us a future with Him forever. We are children of a Kingdom that will never end, and the future for us is bright. How unique to be living our lives in between what has been accomplished and what has been promised. Between the already and the not yet.

Christy and Nathan Nockels

Pastor Christy began singing and writing music in the church from a young age, as the daughter of a pastor in Oklahoma. She met Nathan in 1993, at the Christian Artists Seminar in Estes Park, Colorado, and they married in 1995. An invitation from Louie Giglio came later to join the first ever Passion Conference in Austin, Texas, which flourished into a fruitful fifteen years of writing and leading worship for the Passion movement. Christy’s devotion to creating earnest and honest songs prepared her to be an integral author and voice in songs like “Healing Is In Your Hands,” “Waiting Here For You,” “Let It Be Jesus,” and “Lord, I Need You.” She recently launched a podcast entitled “The Glorious in the Mundane,” which is intentionally focused on helping women in all places in life, finding the wonder and awe of God in the moments of the here and now.

Nathaniel Nockels is an American Christian musician and worship leader, who is a producer, songwriter, and composer of sacred music. He has received seven GMA Dove Awards, for his production. Nockels and his wife, Christy, were members of the worship-duo, Watermark.

Christy & Nathan live in Franklin, Tennessee with their three beautiful children: Noah, Elliana, and Annie Rose. When they’re not focused on parenting, producing, and writing, they love to spend time making their house, affectionately called Keeper’s Branch, a place of rest for their family. Whether it be a season of growth, pruning, or rest, God has been faithful to carry Christy and Nathan and give them songs and prayers for the sharing.

Andi Rozier

Andi Rozier has been a part of the Harvest Bible Chapel community since 2001 and he currently serves there as a Worship Pastor. Andi leads and writes songs for Vertical Worship and he is committed to honoring the Lord through worship ministry. “Open up the Heavens”, “Lamb of God”, “Found in You” and “Over all I Know” are just a few songs Andi has been a part of writing with Vertical that are sung in churches around the world. Andi is married to his wife Joanna since 2005 and they have 4 kids, Sam, Ben, Adley, and Jesse.

Pastor YPJ

Pastor YPJ is the senior pastor of Faith Alive Ministries(F.A.M.) in South Bend, Indiana. He served as youth pastor under his parents for over a decade and became the senior pastor of F.A.M. in 2011. Pastor YPJ is also a Grammy nominated song writer and musician, social media guru, television producer, and TV personality. His innovative leadership style and strong desire to bridge the gap between generations continues to catapult his ministry to higher heights. Pastor YPJ speaks for diverse churches, conferences, universities, and corporations across the country. However, he makes it known there is no place like home, and when he is in South Bend, IN, he devotes his time, energy, and finances to building the Kingdom of God at F.A.M.

…and more coming soon!


Are gluten-free lunches available?
Yes. When you register, you can purchase a ticket with a gluten-free lunch. There is a $3 upcharge.

Are tickets refundable?
While ReFuel tickets are non-refundable, they are transferable to someone else (for Refuel 2022). When you register, you may choose to purchase registration insurance for an additional fee.

Do I need to bring my tickets to check in?
While it isn’t necessary, it will speed up your check-in process.

Is Bethel University an accessible venue?
Yes it is. Please keep in mind that this event does take place in the midst of winter and we cannot predict how the weather will affect the outdoor walkways on the campus. Most of the breakouts do require you to move from one part of the campus to another.

Are there hotels near Bethel University?
There are more than 30 hotels within a 15-20 minute drive of Bethel University.

What do I get when I register for the virtual conference?
When you register for the virtual conference you will receive access to the general sessions on the day of the event. Within 10 days of the conclusion of the conference, you will receive access to videos from the various breakout sessions. The special Vertical Worship concert on Friday evening will not be live streamed.

How will COVID-19 affect ReFuel 2022?
We know that our current situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic has increased many of our concerns over social interactions during the ReFuel Conference. The ReFuel Leadership team will continue to be informed regarding the situation in our area and take into consideration all guidelines recommended by our hosting institution and/or the local government. Our safety plan and specific protocols will be finalized and publicized within 21 days of the event.


We are offering both in-person and virtual registration options.
The Friday evening concert with Vertical Worship is open to the general public and is a separate and additional $10 ticket ($15 day of).
For groups of 10 or more, email refuel@nmc.church for special pricing codes.
All tickets are non-refundable but transferable (for 2022 conference).

2022 In-Person Ticket Deadlines/Prices

November 21, 2021


December 21, 2021


January 21, 2022






Vertical Worship Concert

Jan 20 Deadline


Day-of Price



“My team left very encouraged and excited for Sunday morning!”

“I have attended many national conferences. Refuel is very well done, accessible and affordable. Looking forward to next year!”

“I’ve been to other similar worship seminars and have attended ReFuel the last two years. ReFuel is done so well and always has amazing speakers and classes…”

“The whole day was full of practical knowledge yet was so Spirit-driven – it’s rather unexplainable and wonderful. It changed the way I led worship the very next day!”



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